Edward Henry Key

M, #10354, b. 1844, d. 18 Oct 1882
Father*John Sayers Key
Mother*Maria Benbow
Birth*1844 Market Drayton, Salop, England. 
Marriage*20 Jul 1881 Spouse: Mary Ann Souter. St Peter's Church, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #M3139.1
Marriage-Notice*21 Jul 1881KEY-SOUTER.- On the 20th inst., at St. Peter's Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. B. Barlow, Edward Henry Key, of Melbourne, to Mary Ann, second daughter of George Souter, Esq., Cobham, Surrey.2
Death*18 Oct 1882 Prahran, VIC, Australia, #D12861 (Age 38) - Spouse Mary Ann SOUTER.3 
Death-Notice*19 Oct 1882KEY.—At the residence of his sister-in-law, Mrs J B Key, Edward Henry Key, late of the Golden Crown. Aged 38 years.
THE Friends of the late Mr. HENRY E. KEY are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to move from 128 Chapel street, Prahran, THIS DAY (Thursday, the 19th inst) at 2 o'clock.4 
Death-Notice25 Oct 1882It is with regret we notice the death of Mr E. H. Key, of the Gippsland Hotel, Berwick which occurred at Melbourne on Wednesday last, after a protracted illness.5 
Probate (Will)2 Nov 1882 24/669. Publican Beaconsfield.6 


  • Church of England Section I 592, Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, VIC, Australia, In affectionate remembrance of Edward Henry KEY the beloved husband of Mary Ann KEY of Beaconsfield who departed this life 18 Oct 1882, age 37 yrs
    Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the Spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Eccles.Ch.XII,V7.7


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Claude Breydon

M, #10373, b. 1914, d. 4 Apr 1966
Probate (Will)* Claude Breydon. Merchant. Balaclava. 04 Apr 1966. 658/407.1 
Birth*1914 QLD, Australia, #B C4495 [par Richard BREYDON & Mary DONALDSON].2 
Marriage-Notice*22 Jul 1939Engagements: Marjorie Jean, only child of Mrs. J. D. Tragardh, of Westbury grove, East St. Kilda, and of the late Mr. E. A. Tragardh, to Claude, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. E..Breydon, of Hawsleigh avenue, East St. Kilda.3 
Marriage*1940 Spouse: Marjorie Jean Tragardh. VIC, Australia, #M15278.4
Land-UBeac*20 May 1947 GEM-D-29A. Transfer from Jessie Louise Chase to Claude Breydon. 19a 3r 38p.5 
Land-UBeac*20 Jul 1954 GEM-D-27 (part). Transfer from Mary Davis to Claude Breydon. 1a 1r 20p - to gain access to GEM-D-29A.6 
Land-Note*26 Sep 1961 GEM-D-29A (part): retained 7a 2r 8 6/10p.7 
Land-UBeac*2 Apr 1963 GEM-D-29A (part). Transfer from Claude Breydon to The Boy Scouts Association Victorian Branch. 12a 1r 29 4/10p.8 
Death*4 Apr 1966 Balaclava, VIC, Australia, #D9207 (Age 51) [par Richard BREYDON & Mary DONALDSON].4 
Land-Note*12 Jul 1968 Claude Breydon died on 4th April 1966 Probate of his will has been granted to Marjorie Jean Breydon of 204 Carlisle Street Balaclava Widow and Richard Eric Breydon of 848 Toorak Road East Hawthorn Chartered Accountant.9 
Land-UBeac*12 Jul 1968 GEM-D-29A.27 (part). Transfer from Claude Breydon to Marjorie Jean Breydon.10 


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    Note: Richard Eric Breydon was Claude's brother.
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Selina Lanigan Oscar

F, #10375, b. 1883, d. 1963
Father*Richard Oscar b. 1856
Mother*Johanna Lanigan b. 1862, d. 1923
Married NameHutchinson. 
Birth*1883 St Kilda, VIC, Australia, #B20065.1 
Marriage*1918 Spouse: Albert Hutchinson. VIC, Australia, #M5245.2
Death*1963 Healesville, VIC, Australia, #D8230 (Age 79) [par Richard OSCAR & Johanna LANIGAN].3 


  • 10 May 1917, LICENSING REDUCTION BOARD. Wednesday, May 2. Before Messrs Robert Barr (chairman), Thomas F Cumming and James Lock.
    CARDINIA PARK HOTEL. Inspector O'Brien appeared for the Board; owner, Mary Dinely ; Selina Lanigan Oscar licensee. Mr Brayshay for the licensee.
    John Payne, retired draper, deposed that he knew the district and at one time owned the freehold of the hotel and 500 acres; sold the hotel with two acres of land about two years ago, and since then another 22 acres; there had been wonderful improvements in the district, and there was considerable increase in business; had sold about 300 acres in small blocks, up to £40 per acre; the hotel was well conducted and the meals were excellent.
    Alfred Hutchinson, manager surgical department, Bourke street, deposed that he visited the hotel every week end; it was a large week end resort, and from 14 to 16 people were accommodated at week ends; 3 years ago he stayed at the Pine Grove, but he preferred the Cardinia Park Hotel ; the hotel was in front of the Cardinia Park; there was good shooting and fishing.
    Robert Shaw, cabdriver, deposed that he traded between Beaconsfield and Upper Beaconsfield, and he drove the mail coach which passed the door ; he had been driving the coach for ten years and frequently took passengers to the Cardinia Hotel—sometimes a dozen at week ends and during the summer; the trade of the hotel was increasing, as the Cardinia Park was opposite, and at Christmas he drove a number of people to the Park, where they were camped for a week or more.
    Selina Langan Oscar, licensee of the Cardinia Park Hotel, deposed that she purchased the ingoing for £150, and the lease expired in 1918; there were 28 acres with the hotel, and she paid £2 per week rent; gas was laid on with hot and cold water ; since Xmas the income had increased 100 per cent; there had been considerable increase in bar trade; the whole house had been renovated at a cost of £1500; from six to 10 people stayed for week ends, and from 50 to 60 meals a week were served ; a bore had been put down for water, and there was a trough in front of the hotel ; campers in the public park patronised the hotel ; there was fishing in the Cardinia creek; there was a telephone service to the hotel; had no previons experience in hotel-keeping.
    Decision reserved.4


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Eric Arthur Loft

M, #10377, b. 1891, d. 1960
Birth*1891 Albert Park, VIC, Australia, #B18639.1 
Marriage*1913 Spouse: Florence Evelyne Kemp. VIC, Australia, #M11006.2
Divorce*Nov 19253 
Marriage*1929 Spouse: Elizabeth Margret Holzer. VIC, Australia, #M8209.4
Widower7 Jun 1935Eric Arthur Loft became a widower upon the death of his wife Elizabeth Margret Holzer.5 
Land-UBeac*1 Dec 1936 PAK-57A (part) + PAK-58B (part). Transfer from Elizabeth Margret Loft to Eric Arthur Loft. 1a 1r 21p + 10a 2r 29p.6 
Marriage*1937 Spouse: Clarice May Hunter. VIC, Australia, #M2158.4
Land-Note*19 Feb 1937 PAK-57A (part) + PAK-58B (part): Eric Arthur Loft took out a mortgage with the Bank of Australasia, discharged 22 Feb 1945, and one from George Philip Armstrong on 22 Jul 1943, discharged 7 Nov 1944.7 
Land-UBeac*22 Feb 1945 PAK l/p 6442 (Lot 3 part). Transfer from Eric Arthur Loft to Phyllis Lillian Maguire, Leslie Vincent Maguire, Laura Eileen Coffey. 1a 1r 21p (Cardinia Park Hotel) + 10a 2r 29p.8 
Death*1960 Dandenong, VIC, Australia, #D20597 (Age 68) [par Charles Edward LOFT & Louisa Jane TAYLOR].5 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1919328 Bank Street, South Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: engineer. With Florence Evelyne Loft.9
1936Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: hotelkeeper.10
1937Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: hotelkeeper. With Clarice May Loft.11
1942Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: hotelkeeper.12
194915 Poultney Street, Dandenong, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: secretary.13


  • 6 Nov 1925, Florence Evelyn Loft, 35 years, of Greville-street, Prahran, sought divorce from Eric Arthur Loft, 34 years, of Oak-grove, East Malvern, on the ground of desertion. Petitioner said that her husband's conduct became so bad in 1920 that she was forced to leave him. She obtained a maintenance order against respondent. In March, 1922, she met her husband by appointment, and cohabitation took place on one occasion on her husband promising to make a home for her. A little while later respondent said married life was like a mill stone round a man's neck. He wanted to go and come as he pleased, and would not make a home for her. He had since refused to make a home, but had paid her maintenance regularly. A decree nisi was granted with costs.3
  • 18 Feb 1936, Change of Nominee -Cardinia Park Hotel Beaconsfield-Substitute Eric A. Loft in lieu of Edward R McMartin as nominee.14
  • 28 May 1936, THEFT OF ELECTRICITY. Fine of £ 25 imposed.
    Pleading guilty to a charge of having between September 1, 1930 and October 27, 1935 fraudulently used electricity, Eric Arthur Loft, racehorse trainer of the Cardinia Park Hotel, Beaconsfield, was fined £25, in default imprisonment for three months, with £5 3/ costs, by Mr R E Stapleton PM at the Malvern Court yesterday.
    Mr Breen solicitor for the Electricity Commission described it as one of the worst cases that had yet been detected. Loft, he said, had held an A grade electrician's licence. When Loft vacated premises at Oak grove, Malvern, in October of last year, officers of the commission who went to reconnect the electricity supply for the new tenants found that lights were already burning in the house. A search was conducted and an elaborate system of "bridging out" by which the main had been tapped without the current passing through the meter was discovered. When interviewed Loft denied all knowledge of the wiring, but said, "All the commission is concerned about is the amount of which it has been robbed. Tell me what that is and I will pay it."
    Joseph Henry Foster a superintendent employed by the commission said that radiators, an electric cooker and other appliances had been freely used in the house. It was estimated that over the period of five years named in the charge the commission had been defrauded of approximately £300.15
  • 25 Aug 1939, UGLY MAN CONTEST. To raise funds to erect a community hospital at Dandenong hotelkeepers in the surrounding districts are conducting an ugly man competition.
    Last night a hospital ball was held at Berwick by two of the contestants Messrs Dick Ellis of the Hotel Central and Eric Loft of Cardinia Park Hotel.
    The setting was the Kings Hall and the organisers were assisted by Mrs C Loft and Miss Thelma Thomas as ticket secretaries and Miss Lesley Ellis as general secretary.16
  • 28 Jul 1944, VICTUALLERS' LICENCES. APPLICATION for TRANSFER of LICENCE. -Cardinia Park Hotel Proprietary Limited, the holder of a Victualler's licence with the undersigned Eric Arthur Loft as its nominee for the Cardinia Park Hotel, at Beaconsfield, in the Gippsland West Licensing District, and we, Phyllis Lillian Maguire, of 208 Tyler street, East Preston; Leslie Vincent Maguire, of the same address; and Laura Eileen Coffey, of 175 Williams road, Hawksburn, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on Monday, the seventh day of August. 1944, for the TRANSFER of the LICENCE to the said Leslie Vincent Maguire for and on behalf of himself, the said Phyllis Lillian Maguire, and the said Laura Eileen Coffey, carrying on in partnership under the name of "Maguire & Coffey." Dated the 26th day of July, 1944. The common seal of Cardinia Park Hotel Proprietary Limited was hereto affixed in the presence of N. A. Scanlon, Director; E. A. Loft, Secretary. SEAL OF CARDINIA PARK HOTEL PROPRIETARY LIMITED, Transferor. E. A. Loft. Nominee of Transferor. PHYLLIS LILLIAN MAGUIRE, LESLIE VINCENT MAGUIRE, and LAURA EILEEN COFFEY, Transferees. Oswald Burt to Coy., 396 Collins st., Melbourne, solicitor for the transferor. J. to S. Shatin. solicitors, 408 Collins st., Melb., solicitors for the transferees.17


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