Margaret Short

F, #25081, b. 1840, d. 1923
Married NameSleeth. 
Marriage* Spouse: Thomas Sleeth.
Widow1 Apr 1905Margaret Short became a widow upon the death of her husband Thomas Sleeth.1 
Death*1923 Preston, VIC, Australia, #D16580/1923 (Age 83) [par John SHORT & Jane FORSYTHE].1 


Thomas Sleeth b. 1830, d. 1 Apr 1905
Child 1.William Sleeth b. abt Jul 1855


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William Sleeth

M, #25082, b. abt Jul 1855
Father*Thomas Sleeth b. 1830, d. 1 Apr 1905
Mother*Margaret Short b. 1840, d. 1923
Birth*abt Jul 1855 
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Amy Kathleen Cunningham

F, #25093, b. 1895, d. 1948
Married NameWhiteside. 
Birth*1895 Newtown, TAS, Australia. 
Marriage*19 Jul 1923 Spouse: Thomas Clair Whiteside. VIC, Australia, #M8081/1923.1
Death*1948 Officer, VIC, Australia, #D20181/1948 (Age 53) [par William Richard CUNNING & Amy STEPHENSON] - as Kathleen Amy WHITESIDE.2 


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Mary Ann Hillbrick

F, #25106, b. 1851, d. 12 Jan 1933
Father*Johann Gottlieb Hillbrick b. 1814, d. 13 Nov 1899
Mother*Maria Dorothea Wagner b. 1821, d. 1888
Married NameKent. 
Marriage*1874 Spouse: Anthony Burdon Kent. VIC, Australia, #M4924/1874.1
Widow11 Dec 1924Mary Ann Hillbrick became a widow upon the death of her husband Anthony Burdon Kent.2 
Death*12 Jan 1933 Oaklands, Narre Warren, VIC, Australia, #D12326/1933 (Age 82) [par John HILLBRICK & Dorothea WAGNER].3 
Death-Notice*13 Jan 1933KENT. — On the 12th January, 1933, at Oaklands, Narre Warren, Mary Ann, loved wife of the late A. B. Kent, loved mother of Tillie (Mrs G. Bell), Frank (deceased), Alfred (deceased), Ada (Mrs. H. Webb), Charles (deceased), Norman (deceased), Pollie (Mrs. J Lanyon), and Robert, loved mother-in-law of George, Alice, Harry, James (deceased) and Bertha, aged 82 years 10 months. (Private interment.)4 


Anthony Burdon Kent b. 1843, d. 11 Dec 1924
Children 1.Charles Edward Kent b. 1879, d. 16 Jan 1923
 2.Norman Archibald Kent b. 1882


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Richard Skews

M, #25107
Land-Berwick*13 Oct 1885 BER-17.18 (tx 157590). Transfer from James Gibb to Richard Skews. 2a 3r 30 3/10p - C/T 1762-278
along Gloucester Avenue.1 


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Elizabeth Ann Grigg

F, #25108, d. 1926
Married NameTrethowan. 
Marriage*1863 Spouse: Edwin Trethowan. VIC, Australia, #M296/1863.1
Widow1882Elizabeth Ann Grigg became a widow upon the death of her husband Edwin Trethowan.2 
Land-Berwick*14 Nov 1888 BER-17.18 (tx 237404). Transfer from James Gibb to Elizabeth Ann Trethowan. 3a - C/T 2092-372.3 
Land-Berwick*5 Feb 1901 BER-17.18 (tx 237404). Transfer from Elizabeth Ann Trethowan to Fred William Trethowan. 3a.4 
Death*1926 Portarlington, VIC, Australia, #D15471/1926 (Age 84) [par Richard GRIGG & Mary Jane METHEREL].2 


Edwin Trethowan b. 1837, d. 1882
Child 1.Fred William Trethowan b. 1870, d. 1943


  • 18 May 1901: MATHESON-TRETHOWAN.- On the 24th April, at Christ Church, Berwick by the Rev. H. J. Harvey, J. Norman, youngest son of the late Robert Matherson, of Maritime, Portland, to Eugenie, youngest daughter of Mrs. E. A. Trethowan, Berwick.5


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Edwin Trethowan

M, #25109, b. 1837, d. 1882
Marriage*1863 Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Grigg. VIC, Australia, #M296/1863.1
Death*1882 Bellarine, VIC, Australia, #D10815/1882 (Age 45) [par William TRETHOWAN & TIPPET] - spouse Elizabeth Ann GRIGG.2 


Elizabeth Ann Grigg d. 1926
Child 1.Fred William Trethowan b. 1870, d. 1943


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Alexander Bruce Bennie

M, #25110, b. 1864, d. 21 Apr 1919
Birth*1864 Collingwood, VIC, Australia, #B27236/1897 (par Jas BENNIE & Marion BRUCE) - as Alex Bruce BENNIE.1 
Marriage*Dec 1890 Spouse: Maude May Ryan. South Preston, VIC, Australia, #M7241/1890, Alexr Bruce BENNIE & Maude May RYAN.2
Marriage-Notice*20 Dec 1890BENNIE—RYAN.— By special licence, at Mountain View, South Preston, by the Rev. John Fulford, Alexander Bruce, M.A., son of James Bennie, late H.M.C., to Maude May, daughter of the late Wolryche Whitmore Ryan, H.M.C., niece of Sir Charles Lester Ryan, K.C.B., Burley Bushes, England.3 
Land-Berwick*17 Aug 1896 BER-18 15/LP3972. Transfer from James Gibb to Alexander Bruce Bennie. 2a 3r 12 3/10p - C/T 2620-984 (tx 373699.)4 
Death*21 Apr 1919 Melbourne South, VIC, Australia, #D8322/1919 (Age 55) (par Jas BENNIE & Marion BRUCE) - as Alexr Bruce BENNIE.5 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1903Normanby Street, Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: physician. With Maude May Bennie.6
190963 Armadale Street, Armadale, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: physician. With Maude May Bennie.7
bt 1914 - 191963 Armadale Street, Armadale, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: physician. With Maude May Bennie. With Elsie May Bennie.8,9


Maude May Ryan b. 1861, d. 1931
Child 1.Elsie May Bennie43 b. 13 Oct 1891, d. 1973


  • 3 Dec 1887: MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY. The following results were posted at the University to-night:—Chemistry, part I.—Alexander Bruce Bennie.10
  • 9 Apr 1888: MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY. The University commencement took place on Saturday with the usual ceremonial. The degrees, &c., conferred were as follows:—Candidates for Degrees. M.A.—Alexander Bruce Bennie.11
  • 23 May 1894: Berwick Shire Council. Saturday May 19. Correspondence. From Public Health Department, stating that Dr. Bennie's appointment as health officer had been approved of—Received.
    From Dr. Bennie, thanking the council for his appointment as health officer, and stating that he would look after the sanitary requirements of the shire to the best of his abilities.—Received.13
  • 10 Apr 1895: From Dr Bennie, as follows :—In consideration of the highly responsible duties of health officer to the Berwick Shire, in the carrying out of which duties I may be called upon to travel to any part of the shire at any time, and then exercise my skill; and during my absence on public health business my private practice suffers to a corresponding degree, I fail to see that the small renumeration of £5 per annum is in any way adequate remuneration for the servnices rendered and the responsibility incurred, this amount of £5 being less than the legal fee for one visit of nine miles in the day time. While not wishing to embarass the council in the present depressed state, of the finances, I am certain no member of the council would desire to see their health officer suffer loss through carrying out his duties to the community. I therefore request that you will reconsider your decision in this matter. It was resolved on motion of Crs Gibb and Goff, that Dr Bennie's salary remain at £10 per annum.14
  • 23 Jan 1896: FATAL RIDING ACCIDENT. BERWICK, WEDNESDAY. A sad accident occurred at Narre Warren yesterday afternoon to a little boy, nine years old, named Gilbert Boyd, son of Mr. A. M. Boyd, artist, and grandson of Mr. W. A. C. A'Beckett. Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. A'Beckett were out driving about 6 o'clock, and the lad was following on his pony. He was seen to fall by the occupants of the buggy, but on going to his assistance it was found that he was unconscious, and bleeding profusely from the mouth and nostrils. Dr. Bennie was immediately sent for, but on his arrival at once saw that the case was hopeless, as the base of the skull was badly fractured. Death occurred at 9 o'clock without the little fellow having regained consciousness. John Gilbert A'Beckett Boyd15
  • 26 Aug 1896: Berwick Shire Council. Saturday August 22. Correspondence. From Dr. Bennie, re forming and metalling portion of Tennis street, pointing out that this is the most favorable time of the year for doing the work; that it will be used by residents from all parts of the shire, and trusts that his request will receive favorable consideration.—Cr. Wilson moved that the work be done.16
  • 15 Sep 1896: PAKENHAM.—A young man named John Seymour, residing with his parents between Nar Nar Goon and Gembrook while following his occupation last Friday evening was bitten on the palm of the hand by a snake. He promptly scarified and sucked the wound, and was afterwards successfully treated by Dr. Bennie, of Berwick.17
  • 7 Oct 1896: On Sunday last a young man named William Smith, an employee of Mr G. Blyth, was driving a pair of spirited ponies attached to a phæton along the drive at Gladys Park, when they took fright and bolted. They dashed off at a high rate of sperd and finally ran into a tree-guard, throwing Smith out and considerabsly knocking him about, as besides having a dislocated arm he is much bruised about the body. Under Dr Bennie's care I am pleased to be able to say the patient is progressing as well as can be expected. The phæton was smashed to pieces, but the ponies escaped without a scratch.18
  • 15 Dec 1896: BERWICK, Monday. Annie Harris, aged 4 years, was severely burnt yesterday, and died to-day. Deceased resided with her mother on a selection in the Beaconsfield Ranges, and was left in charge of an elder sister yesterday while playing in the kitchen, when a spark from the fire flew on her dress and ignited it. Her sister became frightened and did not know what to do, and the whole of the child's clothes were consumed. The little sufferer was conveyed to Berwick, but Dr. Bennie pronounced the case hopeless from the first. Annie Ina Harris19
  • 10 Feb 1897: On the 3rd inst. Dr Bennie delivered the first of a series of lecturettes to a large and appreciative audience in the Mechanics' Hall, on "Health," dealing specially with the power every one had in themselves of warding off disease by studying Hygiene, which has taken such strides of late years. The next lecture is to be given on Wednesday, the 17th inst., entitled "Air and Water in relation to Health." After the lecture a number of songs; and music were rendered by amateurs and a very pleasant evening was spent.20
  • 17 Mar 1897: Berwick Shire Council. 13 March. CORRESPONDENCE. Dr. Bennie, notifying five cases scarlatina at Harkaway, one at Upper Beaconsfield, four at Berwick, two at Narre Warren, two at Gembrook South, two cases of measles at Upper Beaconsfield, and one case of typhoid at ...ia—Received.21
  • 28 Apr 1897: BERWICK, Tuesday. A serious buggy accident occurred last night. Miss Taylor, niece of the Berwick postmistress, having her right leg broken and ankle dislocated. With Miss Tobin and Mr. G. Brunt she was returning from a party at Mr. J. Ogilvy's, when the horse fell over an embankment. Miss Tobin and Mr. Brunt escaped with a severe shaking, but Miss Taylor was lying on the ground for over an hour before Dr. Bennie, of Berwick, could be brought to the spot.22
  • 28 Apr 1897: On Wednesday evening the last of a series of six Health Lectures was delivered by Dr. Bennie in the Berwick mechanics' institute. The proceeds, £9 3s. 6d., will go to the funds of the institution named. Dr. Bennie is to be complimented on the public spirit he has displayed in the matter. An effort will be made to arrange for a course of lectures during the winter months.23
  • 28 Apr 1897: Berwick Shire Council. 24 April. CORRESPONDENCE. From Dr. Bennie, reporting cases of scarlatina at Pakenham and Berwick, and diphtheria at Berwick.—Received.24
  • 7 May 1897: THE FREE TRADE LEAGUE. BERWICK. Wednesday. A meeting was held at the Mechanics' Institute, Berwick, yesterday evening; Mr. J. Gibb presiding. The chairman said that the change from the narrow and illogical policy of protection to the wide and liberal doctrines of freedom of trade was urgently needed. (Cheers)
    Mr. E. Vieusseux explained that he and other Berwick residents had long wished to see a free trade association in the town and had recently written to the secretary of the Free-trade League, whose representative was with them that evening. He had chosen the League and not the Free-trade Democratic Association, because the latter advocated the taxation of land values, and thus shut out of its ranks all those who were opposed to such taxation. (Cheers.)
    The Chairman called on Mr Robt. Jones, who said that the league and the democratic association worked harmoniously together on all points except that referred to by Mr. Vieusseux. He eulogised the long and heroic services of Mr. Murray Smith-(cheers)-the president of the league. He denounced protection as destructive of the best interests of the people. After exposing many protectionist contradictions and inconsistencies he claimed that the glorious spirit of self-reliance winch distinguished the British race and made it invincible was fostered to the greatest extent under conditions of freedom, and was weakened and threatened with extinction by restriction. (Cheers.)
    Mr. Vieusseux moved that it was desirable to form a branch of the Free-trade League of Victoria. Dr. A. Bennie, in seconding the resolution, remarked that the policy miscalled protection protected none but monopolist manufacturers. Many Victorian manufactures were sold in New South Wales at lower prices than in Victoria. (Cheers.)
    The motion was carried unanimously and the following office-bearers were elected:—President, Dr. A. Bennie; vice-president, Mr. J. Gibb; secretary and treasurer, Mr. E. Vieusseux council. Messrs. E. Grice, J. Mackie, M. A'Beckett, J. Richardson, J. Ogilvy, H. Perry, F. Barr, S. Paternoster, W. Curtois, and H. Rankine. The usual votes of thanks terminated the proceedings.25
  • 13 Oct 1897: The health officer, Dr. Bennie, reported:-I beg to forward my report on the alleged pollution of the Cannibal Creek by a eucalyptus oil distillery, as requested on the 16th ult. On September 14 in company with Mr. Ramage, I visited the distillery without notice and found distillation in full operation. The leaves of the eucalyptus trees are placed in a 400gal. iron tank and a stream of steam is forced through the tank. In rainy weather, when the leaves are wet, about a bucketful of very black-looking water remains in this tank. In dry weather very little remains. This black mixture is the cause of the alleged pollution, and at one time was allowed to flow into the creek, but is now deposited on the soil back from the banks of the creek. This black mixture is mainly a solution of tannate of iron, formed by the combination of tannic acid of the leaves with the iron of the tank-simpleciter ink. On my arrival I took a sample of water from above the distillery and another sample from the creek below the distillery, and it was impossible by analysis for me to determine which was which, so that I considered that a more detailed examination was not necessary and that Mr. John Wortley, the owner of the distillery, had kept his promise to Mr. Ramage and had not emptied the black water into the creek, and that no pollution was going on.
    The place is about 20 miles from Berwick and was exceedingly difficult to find with out the help of Mr. Ramage, who kindly accompanied me. There is no settllement below the distillery for many miles, and I am not aware that the water from this creek is used for household purposes by anyone. I beg to request that for these special trips mileage and expenses be allowed, as the whole day was taken up in this examination to my own private loss.—It was resolved, on the motion of Cr. D. Bourke and a'Beckett, that a copy of the report be sent to the Board of Public Health.26
  • 8 Dec 1897: From Dr. Bennie, forwarding claim of £2 for inspecting the eucalyptus distillery at Cannibal ereek.-On the motion of the President and Cr. Viensesu the amount to be paid.27
  • 8 Jun 1898: Berwick Shire Council. 4 June. Correspondence. From Dr. Bennie, forwarding a long report on the outbreak of diphtheria at Koo-wee-rup, as requested by the Public Health Department, and enclosing account for £1 14s.—The secretary said he had sent a copy to the Central Board of Health.—On the motion of Cr. Viessieux and T. Bourke, it was resolved to also forward a copy of the report to the Minister of land.—The account was passed for payment.28
  • 13 Mar 1899: SERIOUS ACCIDENT TO A BOY. BERWICK, Sunday. At Mr. Patterson's St. Germain's Estate, near Clyde, yesterday a man named Wenn was engaged cutting grass with a mowing machine, when Alexander Patterson, a boy 8 years old, nephew of Mr. Thomas Patterson, of the Royal Agricultural Society, who was playing in close proximity, got in front of the knives, and had his right foot nearly amputated above the ankle, both bones being completely severed, and the leg fearfully gashed. Only a small portion of the ligaments and flesh on the front of the leg remained uninjured. The boy was brought into Berwick with all haste, and conveyed to Dr. Bennie's surgery. Dr. Bennie, seeing the fearful nature of the injuries; at once called in the assistance of Dr. J. S. Buchanan, of Collins-street, who happened to be in the district on a visit to Mr. James Buchanan, when the operation of re-uniting the torn portions was performed. There is only a faint hope of saving the boy's foot.29
  • 29 Mar 1899: A serious accident befel Master Patterson, son of Mr. Patterson, of St. Germains, Clyde, on Saturday week. A reaper was standing in his father's yard, to which two horses were attached, and the youngster gave the near horse a cut with a stick, causing it to plunge. Before the boy could get clear the machine was upon him, and, catching his leg above the ankle, mangled it in a frightful manner, breaking both bones, and almost severing it. As quickly as le the poor boy was conveyed to Dr. Bennie's surgery, where, fortunately Dr. Buchanan was also available, and the medicos did all that it was possible to do. Dr. Bennie reports that the boy is progressing favorably, and hopes to soon set him on both feet again, which will be a great triumph for the doctor, as the smash was such a terrible one that it was considered at first as almost hopeless to retain the slightest hope of saving the injured member. The boy is possessed of plenty of pluck and moral courage; when the accident happened he admitted it was entirely his fault, as he struck the horse ; and thus freed any of the workmen of any blame. Boys of this stamp can ill be spared, and we wish him a speedy recovery.30
  • 18 Oct 1899: The Berwick Shire Council has granted its health officer, Dr. Bennie, three week's leave of absence.31
  • 12 Jan 1900: In our obituary columns yesterday was announced the death of Mr. James Bennie, a colonist of 47 years, and one of the two oldest elders, if not the oldest, of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. He had also held the position of trustee of the Melbourne General cemetery for the last 28 years having succeeded the late Judge Pohlman as chairman of that body. For several years he suffered from heart disease which combined with exhaustion from heat apoplexy, hastened his demise. Mr Bennie was perhaps mostly known for the Merit interest he took in matters in connection with the Presbyterian Church, having initiated and piloted to a conclusion the model trust deed allowing the whole of the securities of the church to be brought under one deed. Four sons and two daughters survive him, namely, Mr John Bennie, landing surveyor in the Customs, Dr Peter Bruce Bennie, Mr James Bennie, Bank of Victoria, and Dr Alexander Bennie, of Berwick. His daughters are Mrs. Purnell and Miss Agnes Bennie, of Colac. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon.32
  • 3 Apr 1901: From Dr. Bennie, thanking the council for the increase of salary granted to him, and hoped that another advance would follow in a short time; and assuring councillors that the position of medical officer was anything but honorary.33
  • 29 Jul 1903: Beaconsfield. Mr. W. H. Goff, late of All Saint's Grammar School, St. Kilda, was taken seriously ill last week, but we are glad to say he is now progressing favorably under the care of Dr. Bennie and a trained nurse.34
  • 31 Oct 1906: Berwick. The local branch of the Independent Order of Rechabites met last Monday evening for the purpose of bidding good-bye to Dr. Bennie, of this town, who for many years past has acted in the capacity of medical officer to the lodge. The Chief Ruler presided, and after a number of the members present had spoken and testified to the great kindness and consideration Dr. Bennie had shown, and the unremitting attention he had given to all cases of sickness he was called to attend, on behalf of the members of the lodge presented the doctor with a splendid travelling bag as a small token of esteem and a mark of appreciation of his efforts to serve the lodge, and the general kindness he had shown to all. Dr. Bennie in responding thanked the members for their very kind expressions, and said he had always tried to do his duty as the medical officer of the lodge. He had always looked upon those who had been ill not merely as lodge patients but as suffering fellow beings, and whatever skill he possessed had been used for the purpose of freeing them from suffering as speedily as possible, and concluded by again thanking the members for their expressions of apprecation of his services, also for the very nice useful present, and assured them that so long as that bag was in his possession not a drop of spiritious liquour would be carried in it.
    A public farewell to Dr. and Mrs. Bennie has been arranged for the 21st November, in the Rechabite Hall; but prior to that, on Wednesday next, the golfers will have a smoke night in his honor at the Border Hotel.35
  • 10 Jan 1907: Dr. and Mrs. Bennie, of Berwick, leave for England on the 5th February. They expect to be away for about two years. Miss Bennie, who goes with them, looks forward to seeing her cousin, who is making very promising progress with her singing during the short time she has been in Europe. Maude May Bennie Elsie May Bennie36
  • 28 Aug 1907: From Dr A. B. Bennie, ex-health officer, thanking the Council for past kindness and courtesy during his 12½ years ocoupation of office.—Received.37
  • 5 Feb 1908: Berwick. I hear that Dr. Bennie is on his way from the old country, where he has been on a prolonged visit. - He will arrive on the 10th inst.38
  • 6 Feb 1908: Dr. A. B. Bennie, late of Berwick, Mrs. Bennie and their daughter arrive in Melbourne by the Mooltan on the 11th February after their twelve months' continental trip. Maude May Ryan Elsie May Bennie39
  • 23 Apr 1919: DOCTOR'S DEATH. Dr. Alexander Bruce Bennie, whose death occurred at "Apsley," Armadale, on Monday, will be remembered not only on account of his brilliant University career, but also as a prominent athlete. He was for some time a champion swimmer of Victoria, and in the early "seventies" played with the Melbourne football team when that club and Carlton used to fight out the premiership year after year. He went to the front as surgeon, and was engaged in special research work in Egypt when he was invalided home 15 months ago. The peculiar malady which he had contracted while abroad did not become active until recently, when it proved fatal.40
  • 1 May 1919: Old residents of Berwick were grieved to hear of Dr Alexander Bennie's death, a few days ago. He was greatly esteemed for his skill and devotion during the many years he practised in this district. By rich and poor alike he was regarded as the family friend. In the early eighties Dr Bennie was a well known champion Victorian swimmer, a keen all round athlete, and the winner of many important events. He went to the war as a surgeon, but was invalided home last year. To his widow and daughter Berwick brings her offering of reverent and sincere sympathy.41
  • 21 Jun 1919: Probate of the will of Dr. Alexander Bruce Bennie, late of No. 63 Armadale street, Armadale, who died on 21st April last, has been applied for by the Trustees, Executors and Agency Co. Ltd. and Mrs. Maude Mary Bennie. The estate, which is valued for probate at £3382, consists of realty £1250 and personalty £2132, and is held in trust for the widow and daughter.42


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Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.