John Ure

M, #25536, b. 17 Dec 1841, d. 22 Jul 1926
ChartsDescendants of John BUCHANAN
Birth*17 Dec 1841 St Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland.1 
Marriage*1871 Spouse: Jean Buchanan. Scotland.
Land-Gembrook*1875John Ure selected land from the Crown. GEM--69.70. 213a 2r 8p (168a + 45a) Land File 1893/19.20
Survey requested 23/10/74 Charge £17. Charted 25/1/1875. Date of license to occupy 1/6/75. Survey 1/10/75 - Application for license. Crown Grant issued 19/2/84
On his application for renewal of lease on 24/6/78 John Ure stated he had: A house 24 x 13 feet, a dairy, a hut, a cowshed stable. Total value of improvements was £355/9/-
He bought his land for £214 on 6/12/1873 (? - date unclear).2,3 
Berwick Shire*1899 In 1899 defeated Geo W Martin (John Ure 123 votes / Geo Martin 117 votes.) 
Widower28 Feb 1905He became a widower upon the death of his wife Jean Buchanan.4 
Death*22 Jul 1926 Gembrook North, VIC, Australia, #D9907/1926 (Age 85) [par Alexander URE & Margaret ROBERTSON].5,6,7 
Death-Notice*24 Jul 1926URE. On the 22nd July, at Gembrook North, John Ure, beloved father of Alexander, John, Robert and James, aged 85 years.
URE.—The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN URE are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Berwick Cemetery.
The funeral will leave his residence, Gembrook North THIS DAY (Saturday 24th July), at 10 a.m., arriving at the cemetery at 12 noon.6 


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James O'Donnell

M, #25540, b. 1832, d. 27 Dec 1898
Marriage* Spouse: Mary Neville.
Berwick Shire-nom*Aug 1888 In Aug 1888 withdrew prior to election. 
Note*1890 Rated for two properties. Each House 50 acres Eummemering NAV 40 / NAV 30 (paid by Mary O'D.)1 
Death*27 Dec 1898 Dandenong, VIC, Australia, #D15947/1898 (Age 66) [par unknown].2 
Death-Notice*28 Dec 1898O'DONNELL.—On the 27th December, at his late residence, M'Crae-street, Dandenong, James O'Donnell, aged 66 years.3 


  • Dandenong Cemetery, Dandenong, VIC, Australia4,5


    An ordinary meeting of the above board vas held on the 24th instant, seven members being present. ... Tenders were then opened for various works, and Mr. James O'Donnell's tender for a stone ford, &c., at the Eumemmering Creek, on Donelly's Road, was accepted for £49.6
  • 19 Oct 1867: Cranbourne. — This board met on Saturday. Present: Messrs Jas. Lecky (chairman), Keys, Norquay, F. Poole, Tucker, Foley and Patterson. A letter was received from James O'Donnell, a contractor, to the effect that he had presented himself at the office three minutes after the advertised time for receiving tenders, for the purpose of depositing his in the tender-box, and that the box was then removed, and the clerk refused to receive the tender. Consideration postponed till three o'clock.7
  • 31 Aug 1869: The sittings of the City Police Court yesterday occupied seven hours, fifty cases being adjudicated upon. ... The second case, detaining the magistrate for more than an hour and a half, was one of a man named O'Donnell, residing at Berwick, who was summoned by John Summer for having a horse in his possession which had been stolen from him. The defendant had purchased the horse for £35 from a man named Williams, and produced his receipt ; and in order to allow time for the arrest of the horse stealer, the bench reserved their decision for eight days.8
  • 15 Mar 1871: SHIRE COUNCIL. Berwick.- This council met on Saturday, the president (Mr. Henty) in the chair. Councillors Brisbane, Bain, Barr, Burry, Nixon, and O'Connor, were also present. Councillor Stewart, returned at the late election, made the usual declaration, and took his seat.
    Tenders for works were opened, and the following were accepted:—James O'Donnell's at £292, maintenance metal for main road : that of G. Aurisch, at £46 19s., clearing Hessells-road ; that of Collier and Co., at £79 10s., for works on Horner's and Fern-tree Gully roads ; James O'Donnell's, at £20 2s, 9d., works on Bowman's-lane, and that of H. Edebohl's, at £13 7s., works on Koenig's-road.9
  • 3 Apr 1871: WANTED. STONEBREAKERS, on Gipps Land road, between Dandenong and Berwick, James O'Donnell.10
  • 29 Oct 1885: Death of mother-in-law: NEVILLE. — On the 28th October, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. James O'Donnell, Eumemerring, Mrs. Bridget Neville, the beloved mother of Cornelius, James and William Neville, aged 80 years. R.I.P.11
  • 16 Jun 1886: Berwick Shire Council. Correspondence. From Jas. O'Donnell, Berwick, asking the Council to allow him 10s. per chain extra on his contract for repairing road in Scoresby Riding, as during the progress of the work he was unable to keep the traffic off the centre of the road, the consequence being that he had to employ extra labor to have the work completed within contract time, and the men were repeatedly kept idle while vehicles were passing over the road, the amount asked for being £5 5s.—The Engineer was instructed to inspect the road and obtain further information by next meeting.12
  • 8 Aug 1888: SHIRE OF BERWICK. Election of Councillor.—BERWICK RIDING.
    I herby give notice that FRANCIS BARR and JAMES O'DONNELL
    Have been nominated for the Office of Councillor for Berwick Riding. and as the number exceeds the number required a Poll will be held at the Shire Hall, Berwick, on Thursday, August 9th, commencing at Eight o'clock a.m. and closing at Four o'clock in the afternoon.
    JAMES GIBB, Returning Officer. July 31,1888. Francis Barr13
    The annual municipal elections took place throughout the colony on Thursday last, and inmost instances passed off in a very quiet manner.
    Berwick. In this Shire the following retiring members were returned unopposed: Councillor F. Barr for Berwick Riding, Councillor James Ramage for Pakenham Riding, and Councillor John T. Dobson for Scoresby Riding. In the Beaconsfield Riding the retiring member, Councillor Wm. H. Goff, was opposed by H. H. Hatfield, and the result of the poll was Goff, 145; Hatfield, 91. S. Paternoster was elected auditor. Francis Barr14
  • 22 Apr 1891: The following tenders were accepted: metalling cemetery road, Berwick, J. O'Donnell. £76 15s;15
  • 27 May 1891: The following tenders were accepted: Asphalting footpath, Berwick, J. O'Donnell, £78 8s.16
    Between 9 p.m. and 12 o'clock midnight on the 12th instant James O'Donnell, contractor, of Berwick, was robbed of a cheque for L3 4s 4d, another cheque for L13 16s, another cheque for L5, drawn on the Commercial Bank, Berwick, and signed by Jesse Sykes, George Buchanan and Thomas Bent, members of the Berwick Shire Council. He was also robbed of a L5 note, two L1 notes, and a silver watch, the whole being valued at L66. Mr O'Donnell does not know how or by whom the robbery was committed. Jessey Sykes17


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Susan Towt

F, #25546, d. 1921
ChartsDescendants of William WILSON
Married NameWilson. 
Marriage*1866 Spouse: Thomas Wilson. VIC, Australia, #M2765/1866.1
Death*1921 Brighton, VIC, Australia, #D559/1921 (Age 74) par John TOWT & Elizabeth FORD.2 


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Harry Smith Barr1

M, #25558, b. 1870
Father*Francis Barr1 b. 1826, d. 8 Sep 1911
Mother*Elizabeth Smith1 b. 1831, d. 1903
Birth*1870 Berwick, VIC, Australia, #B13928/1870.1 
Berwick Shire*1914 In 1914. 


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