Edward George Maddocks

M, #6216, b. 1872, d. 1905
Father*William Edward Maddocks b. 14 Jan 1846, d. Feb 1907
Mother*Rachel Hawke b. Mar 1846, d. 21 Jan 1906
Birth*1872 Collingwood, VIC, Australia, #B1789.1 
Marriage*8 Jul 1898 Spouse: Emily Kate Wensley. Perth Cathedral, Perth, WA, Australia.2
Marriage-Notice*30 Jul 1898MADDOCKS-WENSLEY. The marriage of Mr Edward George Maddocks, only son of Mr E. E. Maddocks, Perth, and Emily Kate, only daughter of Mr Alfred Gardner Wensley, London, was solemized in Perth Cathedral, on June 8, by the dean. The bride was attired in a gown of cream silk, the bodice being trimmed with chiffon and orange blossom, finished at the waist with a sash of satin ribbon fastened at the side, rucked sleeves surmounted with epaulettes cream felt hat with ostrich plumes. The only bridesmaid was Miss Jessie Kilminster, in grey silk trimmed with amber and passementerie; hat to match. Mr. A. R. Lambert was best man. Presents were received by the bride from relatives in England, as well as from friends in Perth.2 
Death*1905 Omeo, VIC, Australia, #D6622 (Age 32.)1 


Emily Kate Wensley b. 1871, d. 26 Oct 1929
Child 1.Alfred Edward Leslie Maddocks b. 1899, d. 1979


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James Alfred Cooper

M, #6228, b. 2 Nov 1864, d. 10 Sep 1921
Father*John Cooper b. 1822, d. 13 Apr 1889
Mother*Margaret Cummins b. 1835, d. 1889
Birth*2 Nov 1864 Sandhurst, VIC, Australia, #B11359.1,2 
Marriage*13 Mar 1886 Spouse: Elizabeth Rebecca 'Lizzie' Young. Hawthorn, VIC, Australia, #M3206.3
Marriage-Notice*1 May 1886COOPER—YOUNG.-On the 13th March, at the residence of the bride's mother, Ashburton, Hawthorn, James Alfred, second son of John Cooper, Esq, Melbourne, to Lizzie, eldest daughter of the late Captain W. Young.4 
Land-UBeac*c 1889James Alfred Cooper selected land from the Crown. GEM--142D1. 21a 2r 7p - Selected by J. A. COOPER (no date). From 1889 to 1897 (1898 write off rates). Ironmonger, Elizabeth Street, City.5,6 
Death*10 Sep 1921 Merewether, NSW, Australia.2 
Death-Notice*10 Sep 1921COOPER — James Alfred. Dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth, and Father of A.J. and L. J. Cooper, aged 58 years, 1 Helen-street, Merewether, late of John Cooper and Son, Melbourne. Victorian papers please, copy.
FUNERALS. COOPER. — Relatives and Friends of the late JAMES ALFRED COOPER are invited to attend his Funeral, to move from his late residence, 1 Helen-street, Merewether, TO-MORROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON, at 1.45 o'clock, for Presbyterian Cemetery, Sandgate.
DAVID LLOYD, Undertaker.7 


  • 18 Mar 1899, LANDS FORFEITED. The following licences have been revoked, forfeited or declared void:—Melbourne- Jas. A. Cooper, Gembrook, 49 sec. , 22 a; Edith Cooper, Gembrook, 49 sec., 43 a; Henry S Brittingham, Gembrook, 49 sec., 41 a.8
  • 7 Sep 1912, JOHN COOPER AND SONS
    The well-known ironmongers of 287-9 Elizabeth-street, Melbourne, are showing at their stand, Patterson-avenue, an interesting display of the many lines for which they are well known. Their "Bunyip forest devil is again in evidence this year, proving a source of interest to all who have anything to do with clearing. Cooper's "Anvil" plough shares are to be seen in the three styles in which they are now being made, and the patent Delusion fence trap for catching rabbits is a remarkably simple, effective and inexpensive trap. Milk cans, fireplaces, Myer's double-acting force pump, and all kinds of farming ironmongery are being shown.9


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