Thomas Henderson

M, #6335
Land-Berwick16 May 1878 BER-18 (part). Transfer from James Gibb to Thomas Henderson. 3r 9 1/4p - 70850 - see C/T 1036-060.1 
Land-UBeac*b 1893 PAK-247. Transfer from Thomas Henderson to an unknown person . 20a 0r 0p - Land File 1817/49.18
Selected by T. HENDERSON on 22 Nov 1893.2 


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  2. [S66] Berwick Shire Rates, 1870-1965 possibly wrongly described as PAK-93 in early rate books - cf 1894 - 1896.
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David Crichton

M, #6340
(Witness) Land-Note20 Feb 1878 Packenham, Febr 20th 1878
To A J Skene Esq., Surveyor General of Victoria, Melbourne
Sir, We the selectors and residents of Gembrook and Packenham County of Mornington humbly request that you will please order that a new road may be surveyed through the selection of Mr Arthur Knight in the Parish of Packenham. This road we request will be to start from the north east corner of Mr Knight's selection, thence south west distant at about five chains more or less and being west from the two chain road and thence ending at the south east corner of the said selection. This new line of road will be on the side of a very high hill and with little expense can be made into a very good road. The present one chain road is too steep that it is almost impossible for us to get either up or down it and ought never to have been surveyed in that place. Trusting that you will give this a favourable consideration.
We have the honor to be, Sir, your most obedient servants.
George B Halford David Crichton David Smyth William D Nash John Milne Patrick Kennedy Henry Lawes George Taylor Charles Alexander John Sharples Alfred G Shorthouse Robert Booth Anne Stredder David Glenn William McCraw John Modral Iden Henham jun Jno H Hinds Thos. C Hyde William Modral Robert Muir George Miller S Paternoster.1 


  • 29 Sep 1880, BERWICK POLICE COURT. Friday, 24th September. (Before Messrs Officer, Elves, Palmer, and James Wilson.) George Brown and David Crichton v. William Brisbane and Edmund Waterson; claim for carriage of timber, £6 7s. 5d. Order for amount and £2 costs against Edward Waterson, William Brisbane, the other defendant, not having been summoned.2


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George Bullen

M, #6341, b. 1842, d. 23 Jun 1925
[Barristers and solicitors August 1904]
State Library of Victoria
Photograph by Imaging Studio
Birth*1842 Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [par John BULLEN & Harriett TAYLOR] 
Land-UBeac*12 Oct 1875George Bullen selected land from the Crown. PAK-116. 19a 3r 24p - Land File 41/49 (1880 map) Govt Land Sale SALE 4891, upset £1/ac, value £225. Crown Grant to G. BULLEN on 20 Aug 1878.
The land was described as: Very poor land except on the creeks where it is pretty good, tho' scrubby, a loose slate, sandstone on the ranges. I am not aware of any objection whatever to this app. M Callanan.1,2 
Land-Note*15 Apr 1878 PAK-116: 13 Swanston St. Melbourne - 15 April 1878
Dear Sir, I beg to state that I am desirous of purchasing the twenty acres of land situate in the Parish of Pakenham county of Mornington selected by me under the 49th sect part three of the Land Act 1869 and I therefore respectfully beg you will direct the same to be put up for sale by auction at as early a date as possible.
I have held the land since the 1st of June 1876 and have fenced the same in and cultivated about five acres thereof and erected a house and buildings thereon. I value the improvements made by me at £225-0-0 at least.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Yours obediently
Geo. Bullen
To the Hon the Commissioner of Lands, Lands Office, Melbourne.3 
Marriage*31 Dec 1881 Spouse: Helen Stiffe. St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #M4977.4
Marriage-Notice*4 Jan 1882BULLEN-STIFFE.-On the 31st ult, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, by the Rev. P. J. Aylward, George Bullen, of Melbourne, solicitor, to Helen, second daughter of the late Sydney Burrows Stiffe, Esq., New Zealand.5 
Land-UBeac*25 Nov 1885 PAK-116. Transfer from George Bullen to Thomas James Crouch. 19a 3r 24p.6 
Death*23 Jun 1925 Caulfield, VIC, Australia, #D8785 (age 83) [par John BULLEN & Harriet TAYLOR].7 
Death-Notice*26 Jun 1925BULLEN.-On the 23rd June at his residence Rosemont avenue, Caulfield, George, beloved husband of Helen (private interment.)
Requiescat in pace.
BULLEN.-On the 23rd June, at his residence, Rosemont avenue, Caulfield, George, loving father of Stanhope Erveritt (Beulah), George Lawrence (Newcastle), Norman John (late A.I.F., deceased) Rupert Francis (Caulfield).
Requiescat in pace.8 
Probate (Will)*18 Nov 1925 205/982. Solicitor.9 


  • 2 Jun 1876, BULLEN, George. Pakenham Gazetted 2/06/1876 Applications for Licenses under Section 49 Approved ; 1/06/1877 New Licenses Section 49 Land Act Approved ; 5 Jul 1878 New Licenses under Land Act Approved ; 30 Aug 1878 Licenses Revoked, Cancelled or Declared Void10
  • 26 Nov 1879, Berwick Shire Council. CORRESPONDENCE. From George Bullen, solicitor, offering himself for appointment as Shire Solicitor at a retaining fee of five guineas per annum.- Postponed until next meeting.11
  • 31 Dec 1879, The postponed letter of Mr. Bullen, re appointment of solicitor to the Council was read, stating that the remuneration of five guineas included advice on Shire business and opinions on construction of local Government Act.-Councillor Gibb said the Municipal Association, to which the Council belonged had made arrangements for supplying legal opinions on Shire matters, and therefore there was no necessity for the appointment:-This view was generally approved of, and reply to be sent accordingly.12
  • 4 Jul 1925, The death has occurred of Mr. George Bullen, who was born in Bourke street, Melbourne, in 1842, seven years after the foundation of the city. At the time of his retirement in 1923 Mr. Bullen was one of the oldest practising solicitors in Victoria. He was admitted to the bar in 1867, and practised in various parts of Victoria for an uninterrupted period of 50 years. For a considerable period, after having practised alone, he was in partnership with Mr. George Godfrey, upon whose death Mr. Bullen's son, Rupert Francis, practised with his father.13
  • 28 Jun 1941, Messrs. L. L. Oliver and M. J. Ennis will be admitted to partnership in Bullen and Burt, solicitors, Collins st., on July 1. They have joined a legal Arm which Is nearly 100 years old, and was founded by Mr. John Cunnington in January, 1842. Mr. Cunnington practised until the early 60s, when his practice was taken over by Mr. George Bullen, who was associated with it until his death in 1925. The practice of Bullen and Burt is carried on by his son, Mr. Rupert F. Burt, and Mr. W. O. Burt.14


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Gilbert Kerr

M, #6353, b. 1854, d. 1936
Birth*1854 Keilor, VIC, Australia. [par Moses KERR & Isabella BOWDEN]1,2 
Land-UBeac*14 Oct 1878Gilbert Kerr selected land from the Crown. GEM-D-51. 96a 0r 36p
selected land north of C L Schlipalius (later GEM-D- part.)3,4 
Land-Note*26 Oct 1880 GEM-D-51: An inspection of the selection by the mounted constable found that there had been no improvements to the land (no fencing, no building, no cultivation), and a note that the applicant had left the district. The license was revoked for non-payment of rent etc., and the land was again opened for selection on 3 Dec 1880.5 
Marriage*1885 Spouse: Clara Johanna Kernot. VIC, Australia, #M7201.6
Death*1936 North Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #D6551 (Age 82) [par unknown].7 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
192422 Cooke Street, Abbotsford, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: no occupation. With Clara Johanna Kerr.8


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    Western boundary of land was a continuation of the boundary between Schlipalius and Albers, northern boundary a branch of the Cardinia Creek.
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